About us

What is Nothing But Unicorns?

Nothing but Unicorns came about from an idea I had while spending far too much time in a childrens hospital.  I was trying to explain to the kids how business works and how someone could create a tiny online store and develop a good business with customers all around the world.  Some time later we setup Nothing but Unicorns as a family business inspired by some of the kids in the hospital who display unicorn like traits on a regular basis.

While Nothing but Unicorns is a for-profit business, I hope that we can develop a nice community around some of the things that we will do and use Nothing but Unicorns as a vehicle which we can use to make some positive things happen.


Why Nothing but Unicorns

When we looked around at the market place for unicorns it was obvious that there was no go-to place if you want to buy a unicorn.  We wanted a shop that sells nothing but unicorns and so the idea begun to take shape.


Where is Nothing but Unicorns based?

Nothing but Unicorns HQ is in Newcastle in the UK, however we are an entirely online business.


How do you do business?

We aim to do business on 2 angles:

1) At Nothing but Unicorns we will work with manufacturers and suppliers who make unicorn products.  We will then look for the best ones and place them in our store

2) We will also develop our own range of designs, characters and products which we will sell in addition to those from other suppliers.



Do you ship all products yourself?

Our intention is to simplify and optimise the supply chain for the products we sell.  This is the best way to offer great prices and good delivery times.  With this in mind we will keep some products in stock at our offices for some of the more popular items but we will look to keep this to a minimum so that we do not have large amounts of capital stuck in stock making our business inflexible.  We will look to deliver most of our products direct from the manufacturers so that some products can be made on demand and we have a good supply chain model.


Is shipping free or charged for?

Shipping is free for orders over $29.99

For orders under $29.99 there is a small shipping charge which may vary depending upon the destination location.


Where do you ship from?

We ship from different parts of the world depending upon the product.


How long do deliveries take?

In practice we find most of our products are delivered in the region of 10-20 days from an order being placed.  The time can vary depending on which manufacturer and shipping company is used for your order.  We will nearly always use a shipping company which offers tracking of the delivery to help you to see when your order will arrive.

We have found that shipping companies offering faster delivery times tend to be a lot more expensive which prevents us from offering the products at competitive prices so have chosen a balance of the shipping which is lower cost but takes up to 20 days in most cases.

Can you guarantee a delivery date?

Unfortunately we can not guarantee a delivery date because we do not have control of factors which affect the shipping company or manufacturing company, we will however endeavour to keep you informed of progress of your order.

Can you offer a speedy delivery?

If you have a specific requirement we may be able to help.  In particular if the product is in stock in our offices.  We can investigate options around a premium delivery option and provide a quote for that if necessary.  We do not offer this on all products because we find that in most cases the additional cost of delivery from the shipping companies is more than the cost of the product but certainly if you have specific requirements please contact us at info@nothingbutunicorns.com and we will do our best to see if we can meet them.


How can I track my order?

Please go to the following page to track your order - https://nothingbutunicorns.com/pages/track-order


My product hasnt arrived, what do I do?

We will almost always use a shipping option which offers tracking data so hopefully this will mitigate the risk of an order going missing, but in the real world we all know this can happen.  In the unexpected case where your order is lost in transit and a reasonable amount of time has passed when the order should have been delivered then please contact us at info@nothingbutunicorns.com and we will issue a refund or send you the product again depending on your preference.



How can I return a product?

If you are not completely satisfied with your product we will be happy to exchange it or offer a refund if it is within 45 days of the delivery date of the product.  The process for how to do a return is described on our returns policy page - https://nothingbutunicorns.com/pages/refund-policy


I am a supplier/manufacturer of Unicorn stuff, can I get into your shop?

Please contact us on info@nothingbutunicorns.com and tell us more about your products and we would love to have a conversation.


Do you have an affiliate marketing programme?

Yes, if you would like to know more please contact us at info@nothingbutunicorns.com


Do you run any competitions?

Yes we regularly have give-aways and competitions.  Please check out this page to see more info on them - https://nothingbutunicorns.com/pages/unicorn-competitions