The Family & Missing Friends by Bethany ages 9

Below is the latest entry in our new Unicorn Story Competition from Bethany in Sandpoint.

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The Family & Missing Friends

The mad family of the unicorns, there are 6 in their family.  First born is Jeanacorn a purple alicorn with blue edges in her wings.  There is also a blue stripe in her hair.  Second born was Pumpacorn, blue with a stripe of red in his hair.  Third born was Mumacorn, yellow with a stripe of orange with tips of Orange in her wings.  Pinkacorn is next who is pink with a blue stripe on her mane.  Then there is Fortniteacorn, he is red with a blue stripe in his mane and tail.  Last there is Blueacorn who is blue with a purple stripe in her hair.  Her horn goes from purple to blue.  Blueacorn is the youngest and her cutie-mark was a music note.  Pinkacorn was a book, Fortniteacorn is a sandwich, Jeanacorn is a flower, Pumpacorn is an xbox controller and Mumacorn is a pizza.  They have cool cutie-marks.

A cutie-mark tells you what your supposed to enjoy doing.

This is the story of how they got their cutie-marks.  Jeanacorn was in a garden where she decided it looked bad so she went to the shop and bought some flowers and watered them then planted them in the garden.  Pumpacorn was at the shop too, he bought an xbox and 4 controllers and played for 24 hours and won the game.  Mumacorn was in the kitchen cooking and decided to make a sandwich and also decided to become a cook.  The pizza cutie-mark is Mumacorns tastiest thing she cooks.

Pinkacorn was at the bookstore when she wanted to get a book.  She was a super fast reader and read it in 5 minutes.  Fortniteacorn was in school cooking scones.  He made rubbish scones and should have listened to his cutie-mark which told him to make sandwiches.

Blueacorn is a music note remember, she got this because she created a band with her friends.  The band is called The Unirockers.

That’s how they all got their cutie-marks.

Oh I forgot to tell you about AJacorn.  He is a special mystical unicorn who sometimes visits us in our dreams, if we are good.  His cutie-mark was a lego brick as I think he sometimes leaves them around for me to accidentally stand on.

The end 😊