The Best Birthday by Katrina in Sandpoint

Below is the 1st entry in our new Unicorn Story Competition from Katrina in Sandpoint.

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The Best Birthday

When I was little, I believed in magic, even when people told me it wasn't real. Every year on my birthday I would wish for a friendly unicorn to arrive, but every year I was let down. I grew up and my belief faded. The day before I turned 30, I was walking home from work when a car struck me. I awoke in the hospital, but something was different. There in the guest chair was a lonely looking unicorn with a shred of hope in his eyes. I blinked a few times thinking it was the pain killers as it appeared I had a broken arm. I decided to try to clear me head, "Hello. What is your name?" The unicorn looked stunned and slowly said, "You can see me?" "Yes." I replied. "At last!!" Shouted the unicorn, with glitter shimmering all around him! "I've been waiting for you!" "What do you mean? I wished for you and you never came." I said sadly."I was here all along." He said. "You didn't wish to see me, just that I would come." I felt a deep happiness wash over me as I realized that magic is real and I shouldn't have ever forgotten it. I vowed to always believe in myself and help make sure other kids didn't forget like I had.

The End.